27-07-2007 - doing the hextris

it's harder than tetris, it's more fun than tetris and it looks better than tetris.
it's hextris, the tetris with hexagons.
check it out now at the new and small but growing hextris homepage

10-02-2005 - inner-space updated

for your personal webbrowsing pleasure the inner-space homepage has undergone a big rework.
a homepage for TaxMan has been added, the captains homepage is back again and the image sections of stanford listen and the monkey mind benders have been greatly improved.
check it out now!

05-02-2005 - TaxMan homepage is now online

by popular request the hompage of the amazing TaxMan is now online.
check it out now and wait for more hot'n'cool stuff to be added soon.

20-10-2003 - monkey mindbenders disintegrated

feel free to browse the drafty homepage
of the monkey mind benders.